Reading Winters through teapot and Esplanade tram

Sunday wandering and small banters through the winter icicles of frozen time seem marvellous. What is the banter all about? Sunday moorings across the serpentine bylanes of Kolkata seem like a never-ending trajectory of discovering one’s self. Juggling through the myriad motions that plunge into the vortex of living and living with a soul controversy, our poems too speak of this relentless gyrated motion where wintry veins stick out largely and stare at our own moronic loves! Sipping the Sunday articulations through filter coffee layers and gilded teapot snouts look ravishing, falling a victim to the busily idle mornings transforming into henpecked afternoon siestas that highlight the segmented issue of polyphonic poetry.
This Sunday also, we bring you a bouquet of writers and book reviewers whose finest art of creativity is surely going to enthrall you and make your Sundays more special!
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Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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