Quick bite – Mourjya Sengupta

Mourjya Sengupta (7 years) Class III Don Bosco Park Circus

The Horror Apartment

Gopal was sleeping alone in his apartment.At mid night he woke up by hearing a scary sound and someone tapped him on his back. He turned back and suddenly the devil appeared. He was shocked and fell down on the ground. He had sleep paralysis,he was conscious but unable to move.
The devil standing on his bed, stared at him and started to move.Devil was laughing at Gopal and attacked him.
And then Gopal was unconscious.
In the next morning,his friends were waiting for him in the theatre.His phone was not reachable for a long time.His friends cancelled the movie plan and came to his apartment.
They rang the door bell several times but no one opened the door. So finally they called the police and police broke the door and entered into the apartment.
They were surprised because Gopal was doing paranormal activities. One of his friends called the doctor.Doctor arrived and gave him sleeping injection.
At evening when he woke up,he became normal.He started to tell the story to one of his friends and looking around.
Suddenly in a creepy voice he said…”whoever listen to this story will die!!
Bye…see you in the after life”!!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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