Sunday Thoughts Kunal Roy


We all love to talk. We all love to interact. We all love to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas to keep ourselves a little relaxed, a little comfortable! But moments do not always believe in keeping the same trend. At times they want a digression, a break from the maverick chain of actions and thoughts. And honestly, such moments witness our silence. Silence seems to have fallen on the ground to inspire you to keep your lips shut. But that doesn’t prettily suggest that your silence is empty, rather it is full of answers but with a difference! It is those people around you who are unable to take your silence and discover themselves to be utterly helpless like someone making a futile cry in the dense woods!
Carlyle has said, “Speech is silver. Silence is golden”. The significance of the expression is as fresh today as it was a century ago! On the other hand, you choose silence for a plenty of reasons, ranging from tiny personal issues to being humiliated to being unable to live up to someone’s expectations or for that matter awaiting a moment of surprise! All these are infact the part and parcel of our existence. Moreover, silence ensures a sense of charm and security as well. You look better when you are silent and becoming a little less talkative will surely stop you from making irrelevant comments and sustain the rhythm of your soul! But the truth is, we cannot remain silent and readily opt for something unpleasant or aggressive to pacify our mind. We seldom realise that the biggest protest is our silence and should await the right moment to act lawfully!
If sound was first heard with the evolution of the universe, silence too makes its presence felt every moment. Silence is everywhere. It is in the calmness of the ocean, the blueness of the sky, the soggy grass of an open field, the glitter in your eyes, the smile on your face, the soul of a new born and the odyssey to a different world!!
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