December Thoughts By Kunal Roy

December: The Year completes its Cycle Amid Probability and Possibility, A View

There is no room of doubt that this year has been a curse to all of us. The global pandemic has shattered the existence of millions not only by snuffing out the lives but also financially, as thousands have lost their jobs, thousands more have left their land, family and children. Infact respite is still a distant word and people are still discovered to be struggling a lot to get back to normalcy!
December has already witnessed the great cosmic phenomenon. It simply accounts for the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Such a conjunction takes place after every twenty years and is popularly known as the Saturn Jupiter cycle.It is a popular belief that this conjunction is going to have impact on all the zodiacs, banking upon their position in one’s natal chart. Apart from the general notions of nature and science, this vedic science is quite responsible for the “present status” of mankind. Jupiter stands for growth and expansion and Saturn signifies discipline, hardwork and devotion. Both are contrasting by nature. This very matter works with profundity along with other subsidiary factors! Thus the blend of vedic science, pure science and the deeds and atrocities of mankind against the nature is responsible for this silent sabotage! On the other hand the crisis period is not yet over. A new and comparatively more fatal strain of Corona Virus has begun its game. Europe and the allied nations have planned to go for a lock down session anew for an infinite period of time! The possibility of a second wave of pandemic cannot be put at bay! Amid such a toll, the year end is planned for celebration, no matter how little it is!
A handful of days are left for the new sun of the upcoming year to set in. There may be dreams to weave but their translation will remain a factor of uncertainty. Human aspirations and inspirations will continue to play hide and seek game amid the socio-political upheaval. But the nature and her policy will sustain its pristine purity. The Utopian fettle will be observed in the cosmos, despite all odds. However, the poor mortals will continue to witness their topsy turvy status, unless the moment arrives for the complete atonement of our sins and offences! The journey of pains and sufferings is in its climax and the destination of relief and repose is far away from the human vision. A complete change in our sense of attitude, adaptability and humanism can remove this cloud of doom hanging above us like the mighty sword forever and invite the shower of blessings of the One and Absolute!! Any explanation?
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