Sunday Poetry Special By Dr. Ezhil Vendhan


I’m not a simple onlooker on many things but involving from the depth of my soul I sense your feelings and emotions in full whole heartedly with love, nothing deters me.
I understand things from your point of view, and couldn’t distance myself from you anymore, for I am born with commitment and compassion, qualified and groomed, natural poet of nature.
Skills aren’t even emotional intelligence makes me, to understand you better in your own perspective. Nay words yet your personality comprehend wholly I could see myself mirrored in you really.
While I identify blinds and catch their hands to cross the traffic road is just a do little, feel comfortable and moved by my warmth, why not you as nearer and dearer to me.
Many people are like high sky passing clouds , while passing away they smile momentarily, and dissipating their feelings instantly, but I could walk longways in your shoes.
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