Sunday Reflections – Aheli Pramanik

It is about a woman suffering from Covid’19 in Italy.
During her fight against this virus, she gave birth to a small beautiful baby. Luckily, the baby wasn’t infected by the virus. Nobody could stop the baby’s cry…the cry to be close to his mother.
The heart aching fact escalated to the extent where the baby’s cry disappeared the moment he was put to his mother’s arm, wrapped in hazmat suits.
My literary piece is based on this true story.
Distance that brings you closer
Love was in a sub rosa form
Obstrusive enough inside her heart of warm.
Never did I care to touch the vapour
And know the pain to procure.
It was not until the day of March,
When the crimson light trolled the sky
Bergamo was deserted completely,
Though I found Helena smiling to her husband by.
“I saw my tiny beautiful heart outside my body”
This is what she exclaimed;
Felt to her as accomplishment of year-long patience,
Locked inside her heart and well-framed.
Her small heart wept profusely,
Refusing to amnest the soldiers
Stretching away all his lungs
For engraving himself towards her closure.
Mother had to wear hazmat suits
That day, her heart was made to lie down on her lap.
Finally, both their craving lungs rested
And all the soldiers had to clap.
Magically, all his tears stopped
Happy – being embraced by those thick suits.
The distance is the only form of love
We all should perform towards our roots.
Practice social distancing!
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