Poems – Aheli Pramanik

A Poet’s Love

Another story, for another ‘someone’,
Another love in between the crossroads.
Side by side we fell together,
Deciphering the same old codes.
From carrying all the glances,
To carrying all the past,
To carrying love, to carrying future,
That could last.
“No regrets for the so – called ex”,
I whispered underneath my breath.
Both were looking happy
Because love followed the path of death.
He had nothing to say except a ‘thanks’
And felt satisfied deep within.
I asked him for the reason
And he narrated it in a rhythm.
“Its not easy to be a writer’s love
Its not easy to steal someone’s heart
Especially when you break it
With heaviness, dullness and dirt.
Its not easy to be a writer’s dream,
To be the first view of the sleepy eyes,
Its the luck that you carry forward
As gorgeous as the sun’s rise.
It’s not easy to capture that immature heart
That talks about maturity, grief and love.
Its not easy to be that dreamy thought
Scribbled on a paper in rough.
Its not easy to be immortal
When people stab you each day,
You get printed on a sheet of paper
That gives all an enlightenment with a ‘hope of ray’.
And so thanking you for making me that
For giving love in return of pain,
For giving more than just a name
Creating a millennium with that single pen. “
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